Bathroom taps,

The unprecedented - minimalistic and squared/rectangular shape with sharp angles - Gessi introduced in tap ware in 2002, transformed a daily use object into a small furnishing sculpture.

To celebrate the 15 years of Rettangolo, Gessi proposes a refresh of this historical range, which concerns the rationalization of the offer with the redesign with actualization of various items for the bath and shower, and especially the introduction of brand new finishes for the whole line. A major novelty is the finishes range, which goes beyond the customary Chrome and Finox, by adding very up to date finishes such as Copper, Brushed Copper, Brushed Black Metal, polished Black metal and finally a very contemporary black velvety effect.

Rettangolo confirms its status of a design icon, as it demonstrated to possess the evocative and communicative power of those designs that have become eternal; it has the strength of those well designed, instantly recognizable, innovative, functional, intelligent, discreet, honest, self-explanatory products that are capable of seducing even after decades. The public can recognize in Rettangolo a meaning, a part of their own personality, an experience they want to add to their own house and life.

“From where do I want water to be distributed?” From the floor, the counter, the wall, the ceiling? Gessi, with Rettangolo, allowed interiors designers to ask themselves and their clients this pleasant dilemma. The unprecedented floor standing, wall mounted and ceiling-mounted Rettangolo taps, with their multitude of models, versions, and coordinated modular elements opened the way to complete freedom in the design of the bathroom. Every homeowner could finally tune the furnishings of his personal space to his peculiar taste, becoming the true creator of his living environment.

In 2012, Rettangolo by Gessi, after exactly 10 years since the first launch of the famous Series of faucets and accessories, had already evolved into a total look Collection, with complementing lines of basins, ceramics, tubs that feature the same streamlined design so typical of Rettangolo. With the recent refresh of the range, Gessi intends to respond to the aspiration to personalize and elevate the style in bathroom design with a coordination of all its elements and to benefit the products' users with daily experiences of pleasure, exclusivity and well-being through their design and technology.

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