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Goccia features an innovative design inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water.


Goccia stands as an unprecedented product concept which elevates matter, form and function.

In fact the collection comprises a unique range of furnishing items, encompassing an impressive mix of models, materials and finishes.

The winding forms of the liquid are set in the solid form of washbasins and accessories, in the metal of the taps, in the ceramic of the sanitary ware.


All of the Goccia items feature a natural elegance, that makes them fit gracefully in both private and public interiors.

The soft and familiar contours of Goccia are lovely to be seen and touched; they make one’s living space personal and cozy, modern yet relaxing.


Goccia is the first tap for a living room.

This new collection incorporates the idea of a totally new product with enhanced functional and aesthetic content. It opens the way for unlimited and brilliant interior settings.

For the first time, the outstanding design of Goccia brings a spout into the living room with a sleek and spectacular effect. Water can even spring directly from the dining table, as the Goccia tap and washbasin can become part of the table itself.


Goccia is not a mere complement, it’s the very distinguishing feature of the design of an interior. It’s an original concept that induces new gestures, new interactions with water, living space and the person. Goccia makes the beauty and usefulness of water available wherever it is needed or desired, with charming and fresh solutions.


Goccia is a clever beauty.

Not only is Goccia a style and a product philosophy, it’s also an eco friendly creation. All of the Goccia taps are equipped with a technology allowing for a 50% saving of water without compromising the functionality of the tap itself.

Goccia is indeed the epitome of a more intimate feeling for luxury, one attentive to the elegance and glamour of the objects as well as to their impact on the environment.


Goccia demonstrates how creativity and innovation, together with a content of poetry and respect for the world can turn dreams into objects. This is all Gessi’s accomplishment, a company different by nature.


Goccia “tap for the living room” has a gres made base containing the electronic parts.

This base mounts a magnificent metallic arc ending with a drop, standing as the stylistic feature of the whole collection. Goccia for the living room is an electronic sensor tap with a self-powered illuminating LED. By placing your hands under the spout, the illuminated water is automatically activated. The water is colored between blue and red according to its temperature. The temperature of Water flow, as well as the timing of its duration can be pre-set by means of the controls on top of the base of the tap. The LED powering needs no connection to the main or to a battery as it’s the very passage of water that produces the necessary energy for the light (Gessi international patent). Thus there’s no electricity consumption at all.

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