306 Bioantimuffa

Anti-mold wall biopaint for interiors with high sanitizing action. Also effective on walls already affected by extensive mold, usable to restore the healthiness of surfaces and eliminate mold. Ideal for very humid and poorly ventilated environments. Its anti-mold action also allows to protect the walls from the corrosive attack of mold and algae, preventing their development and formation. For this reason, 306 Bioantimuffa is the ideal anti-mold paint especially in those environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and in general the walls exposed to the North, where the strong presence of water vapor, humidity and abrupt and frequent thermal changes tend to favor its development and training. 306 Bioantimuffa increases its protective and preventive anti-mold action, if applied together with the specific cleaning cycle of the Oikos sanitizing paints line. This anti-mold paint also ensures good washability (class 3), which ensures that the wall is resistant to dirt and rubbing. 306 Bioantimuffa is generally indicated for all rooms in the house, including living rooms, bedrooms and passageways.

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