307 Biopittura pronta all'uso

Wall biopaint for any type of environment, easy to apply, ready to use and highly covering, with few applications it also covers walls previously colored with bright and dark colors. Its formulation is designed to ensure a quick, simple and easy application of the paint on the wall, with the certainty of always obtaining excellent results: this feature makes 307 Biopittura ready-to-use the perfect covering paint for interiors to be applied flawlessly , even by those who are not experts. Thanks to its excellent washability (class 2) 307 Biopittura is a ready-to-use, washable paint that ensures a strong and long-lasting white. In fact, a single coat of 307 Biopaint ready-to-use is sufficient to obtain excellent performance, both in aesthetic and performing terms, reducing the costs of subsequent maintenance.

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