308 Biosuper Lavabile

Super-opaque, super-washable and super-breathable wall biopaint for interiors. The high yield guarantees an excellent quality/price/performance ratio. The high covering power gives this paint the ability to cover walls already painted with dark and intense colors, obtaining excellent results with few product applications. 308 Biosuperlavabile is a washable paint with excellent washability (class 2), which makes it resistant to dirt and wear and keeps the white unchanged over time. The high breathability of 308 Biosuperlavabile makes this interior paint ideal for application in particularly humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to an innovative formulation, 308 Biosuperlavabile is the ideal paint for application in prestigious and representative environments, such as the living room, bedroom, living room and study, where it is essential to give the walls an elegant and precious, choosing a paint that knows how to combine excellent technical performance and a quality aesthetic finish, for a result that lasts over time.

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