Kedry Skylife

KE Kedry Skylife

Kedry Skylife renews the concept of the pergola thanks to its retractable movable blade roof that allows you to adjust the intensity of light and ventilation, depending on the weather conditions. The blades rotate and retract both when opening and closing, allowing a completely customizable thermal and light adjustment, making it unique and innovative. Suitable for installation in both private and public spaces, it has been designed to have high solar shading performance, wind resistance and shelter in case of rain thanks to an integrated water drainage system. Thanks to its complete modularity, it can be inserted and adapted in spaces of different shapes, covering large sizes, and with a minimal aesthetic impact. The lighting, both internal and external, is guaranteed by a system of LED strips integrated in the perimeter profiles, apps for mobile devices allow it to be managed even remotely, making this system extremely comfortable and smart.

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