Design bioclimatic pergola, self-supporting or lean-to

Sunlight is the exclusive bioclimatic pergola proposed by KE that combines design and advanced functionality, offering a new solution for experiencing outdoor spaces.
It represents a winter garden with a unique design, an attractive and attractive outdoor furnishing element, perfect for enhancing open-air spaces such as private gardens or public spaces.

The Sunlight pergola can be a bioclimatic solar greenhouse.

The bioclimatic solar greenhouse is an architectural element that, when combined with a building, enhances its energy performance by improving efficiency and saving energy.

In fact, the Sunlight pergola is proposed both in self-supporting form and leaning against a wall, and in its leaning form it becomes a bioclimatic solar greenhouse because it contributes positively to the energy savings of heated buildings; thanks to its large vertical windows, the Sunlight solar greenhouse allows maximum exploitation of the thermal energy provided by solar radiation.

Dimensions of the Sunlight self-supporting pergola:
- Maximum width 6 metres
- Maximum projection 4.5 metres

Dimensions of the Sunlight pergola in building-supported form:
- Maximum width 12 metres
- Maximum projection 4.5 metres

The Sunlight bioclimatic pergola is fitted with a 10 mm laminated glass cover with aluminium support beams, which provides a large glass surface area: it increases the brightness of the environment, given precisely by the contribution of natural light, providing amazing comfort and perfect harmony with nature for those who live in this space.
The Sunlight bioclimatic pergola has a design and structure designed to give a sense of spaciousness and integrate perfectly with its surroundings: thanks to the Sunlight bioclimatic pergola, it is possible to enjoy natural light in any season.

The usability of the bioclimatic pergola is also ensured by the customisation possibilities of the roofing options: it is possible to install integrated vertical technical blinds, sliding glass window systems, or Roof Tens sunshades, which provide effective sun protection solutions both above and below the pergola roof. Thanks to these elements, it is possible to adapt the bioclimatic pergola to the customer's taste or to the needs of the environment in which it is inserted and to different weather conditions. 

Among the optional extras, it is possible to equip the pergola with climate sensors (wind, rain, and sun detectors) combined with automation systems that allow the automatic and smartly programmable adjustment of the opening and closing of the shading elements, with the possibility of remote control via app.

To experience the winter garden in the evenings, there are LED strips integrated into the structure that provide lighting.

The Sunlight bioclimatic pergola is also equipped with a system for draining rainwater through dedicated columns: by means of perimeter gutters and plivials, the water drains away and the pergola is therefore also suitable for particularly rainy climates.
The Sunlight design pergola is also load-bearing in the event of snowfall: it is an outdoor furniture element that can also be used in winter!

Find all necessary information and technical material on the Sunlight bioclimatic pegola from KE available for free download.
KE makes available 3D bioclimatic pergola models and solar greenhouse bim objects in formats available for Revit, Autocad (Autodesk) and all major architectural design and drafting software.

Include in your outdoor project the Sunlight bioclimatic pergola, a furnishing element with undisputed charm that can make any garden iconic and provide precious opportunities to enjoy nature, whatever the season.

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