In-Canto is a modern expression of a luxury contemporary rug with a light yet seductive weave, a product of G.T.DESIGN's extensive research in textile fiber focused on rug designs capturing the light. The shimmering properties of bamboo viscose are highlighted through a contemporary manual weaving technique developed through years of work with this yarn.

Only 8 mm thick, this vegan rug features a precious and magnetic weave that gives an unparalleled tactile and visual experience while seamlessly blending in its surrounding. In-Canto's weightless, elegant, and captivating texture makes it a versatile and design element in any space.

Taking inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, Deanna Comellini did an accurate color study for the collection, creating a palette of four 7 elegant shades able to suit every context, from the most classic to modern ones.

Made in viscose fiber sourced from plant cellulose that doesn't cause deforestation, In-Canto is a eco-friendly and sustainable rug that uses non-toxic and azo-free dyes.

"The name is a play with the Italian word ‘incanto’, meaning enchantment," notes Deanna Comellini. "That is how I felt when I first saw the sample of the rug, enchanted and delighted by what we were able to achieve." 

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