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In 2001, G.T.DESIGN introduced Kama, which transformed the contemporary rug industry and left a lasting impact on the history of design.

Kama was the first rug to incorporate a sumptuous and wild hand-woven viscose fiber, resulting in a rug that captures and reflects light. Designed by Deanna Comellini, this groundbreaking rug features the highest quality reflective fibers, creating a thick yarn with a unique brilliance, softness, and color depth.

The yarn is dope dyed and hand-woven on traditional looms using an irregular cutting technique. The resulting luxurious rug is so alluring that it was named after the Indian God of Love. Kama adds a sensorial feel to interior design and becomes the centerpiece of any space.

Available in four versions: Kama Ambient with the purity of a uniform surface that shimmers like sand in the sunlight, Kama Mi in which a precious bouclé pattern on the outer edges adds an extra touch of luxury to the surface of these rugs, Kama Allegro a Piacere and Kama Allegro con Brio which, thanks to the modularity and richness of the workmanship, can also be made in large formats up to a maximum width of 5 mts. (16”4’ ft).

It elevates rug design from a mere accessory to an essential element in interior design. Kama is a timeless favorite of star architects and is included in prominent design brands' projects. It is available in a wide range of sizes and vibrant colors, and it remains a bestseller and a trendsetter to this day, considered a modern-day classic.

Used for residential, yachting and hospitality projects, this rug adds an inimitable brightness to any room.