Since 1977 G.T.DESIGN has been designing and producing objects with complete respect for man and the environment. In the 80s and 90s, Deanna Comellini, designer and art director, and Michele Preti, alongside her at the head of the company, embarked upon a route that would take them towards the idea of non-perfect design, therefore, authentic, real and emotional. The investment made into research on materials and textile structures led to the discovery of the previously unexpressed potential of this hazily-defined industry. For G.T.DESIGN the textile element of the home, be it a rug or a furnishing accessory, becomes expressive and different, far removed from the standardization of industrialized productions. Making innovations in the textile environment means starting from the individual and from gestures. This is why we take into account, at project level, the free interpretation which everyone can contribute that brings forth inconsistencies, imperfections, manual workmanship and the direct pleasure of the material. G.T.DESIGN has been an active member of Children Care & Fair, an international association dedicated to the protection of children's rights, since 1997. 
The rug is the earth upon which we are born. It resembles us. It's the first element around which we build an intimate and domestic area. It represents the fragrance, habits and poetics of a home. The rug is an archaic symbol which, for G.T.DESIGN, becomes contemporary, everyday, the sign which materializes the confines of personal space. The rug assumes a functionality free from conventions and renewed figurative power. 

Our research extends its confines to furnishing textiles: because textiles in the environment give us the most intimate comfort; it's like our skin, pliant and durable; because the material develops and changes with us. Today, therefore, we can not only propose material door-diaphragms, like light filters designed to leave space for the individual, but also surfaces and seats whereby viscose material is supported by light metal surfaces that satisfy new needs for contract and receptive realities. Then there are the cushions, created to play and imagine and slide over our inclinations. Covers and bedcovers in soft hemp, jute, linen and wool fibres with their embroideries, colours and innovative finishes, inflect a new way of understanding textiles in interior design.



High Traffic

High strength technical yarns and the highest quality finishes.



Vibrant colour effects meet a three-dimensional texture that is deep and inviting. The vivid freshness of the VivaViva!



Entirely handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Luoghi collection of carpets makes lightness the main expression of modern luxury.


Passo Doppio

Passo Doppio is a “long rug” which extends into its setting accompanied by a rhythmic pattern, with breaks of colour and texture built in.


Le Materie Sottile

These beautifully thick rugs are made of a fine, airy fibre, which is both wonderfully soft and inviting, while also being robust and durable.


Acqua Tinta

The ancient walls of a rural hamlet: muted surfaces of colour faded by sunlight and the passage of time.


O Sole Mio

Technological and natural at the same time.



Memories of Eastern culture, of far flung places and distant history.



Elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of this new weave from G.T.Design.



Produced by G.T. DESIGN, the only legitimate producer of Kama.



Rugs in pure long coir fibre and polyester hand-woven on traditional looms and dyed using non-toxic dyes.



A captivating, inviting gleam, sophisticated nuances, and a precious material contained within an elegant, understated, contrasting border of shimmering gros grain ribb



Textures is a collection of carpets that can be custom sized and is available in a wide variety of colours.