Hula Hoop is a project by G.T.DESIGN’s Founder and Creative Director, Deanna Comellini, inspired by open-air carefree, playful days.

Hula Hoop is a collection of circular and oval-shaped rugs with a ribbed texture handmade in a technical yarn, designed to be resistant to wear and tear, to UV rays and bacterial contamination. These features make Hula Hoop suitable for outdoor areas exposed to sunlight and indoor wellness areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, helping maintain a healthy environment. A versatile product adaptable in various settings requires minimal maintenance, dries up quickly, and is double-faced.

Hula Hoop is available in three models: two circular (Circle and Frame) and one oval (Track), all inspired by the philosophy of movement and the principle of connection, uniting dynamism and cutting-edge technology. It comes in seven colors: Pennsy (a brick-shade red with white and orange accents chosen as an ode to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company trains' color scheme) Racing (as 'racing green, the official color of British race cars) Jet, Grip and Carbon (three different metallic gray recalling the shades of the airplane's fuselages) the orange Hoop and the sky blue Laguna (bringing the colors of the sun and sky outside even on less clear days).


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