shading sail designed with elegance

Shading sail of large dimensions, guaranteed scenic effect.

The Kheope shading sail by KE is an imposing cover that offers a visually striking spectacle. Crafted with high-quality nautical materials, it's designed to shield from weather elements and ensure optimal resistance to wind, wear, and salt corrosion.

The main structure of the sun sail, made of polished stainless steel and nautical components, supports the nautical fabric of the shading sail. The anodized aluminum boom, along with brackets and poles in 304 stainless steel, contributes to the solidity of the structure.

The flexibility in the dimensions of the shading sail, reaching up to 7m x 7m or customizable, makes it suitable for a wide range of outdoor architectural settings, providing versatile solar protection ideal for commercial and public environments.

The Kheope shading sail offers customizable options for dimensions, installation methods, and even includes home automation features. Equipped with a motorized system, it's designed with an anemometer that automatically adjusts the closure of the sail in case of strong winds and can be enhanced with LED lighting.

For outdoor projects, the versatility of the Kheope shading sail makes it ideal to offer an elegant solution ensuring comfort both in domestic settings and public spaces such as hotels, bars, pools, and marinas. KE USA's shading sail models and BIM objects are available, compatible with major architectural design software like AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, and others.

KE USA's catalog provides detailed information on the Kheope shading sail and the Kolibrie shading sail with a unique support pole, including technical data and images. You can download the catalog for free and access further information by contacting KE directly through the contact form on the product page, where the team will be available to answer your questions and provide all necessary information regarding their shading systems.

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