Concrete Houses,
135 mq

Case Ursella Design 135

CLASSIC 135 : This traditional line is combined with sumptuous living spaces that have a large pavilion roof that confirms the solidity of this model from all points of view.
The absolute open space of the day area joins the porch that runs on both sides of the facade, opening up to an intense sense of harmonious freedom between the inside and the outside.

DESIGN 135: The elegant claddings on the bright colour of the facade enhance the entire structure of this refined villa. The side porch invites you to discover the peculiarities of this model and grants the elegance of the movements to every corner of the house.

EVOLUTION 135: The coatings and architectural arrangements adopted during the entire design of this model naturally lighten the home by amalgamating it with the surrounding environment so this villa spontaneously adapts to any surroundings.

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