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Italian door Rasotouch

Rasotouch is the most invisible model of the family, specifically created to disappear completely into the surrounding space.

Italian door Rasomuro 55s

This is the natural evolution of the celebrated model Rasomuro, borrowing and embellishing the technical features that were so key to its success.

Outline door

Lualdi’s Outline door literally emerges from the wall.

Italian door San Siro

Designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni Lualdi’s San Siro door is a modern reinterpretation of the classic door.

Shoin Sliding door

Lualdi’s Shoin door draws its inspiration from the light and dynamic surfaces that can be found in traditional Japanese houses.

LCD62 door

Lualdi’s LCD62 door is the company’s historic basic model of door.

Super door

Design by Luigi Caccia Dominioni Lualdi’s Super door is another example of one of the company’s historic and well-known models.

Drive sliding door

Lualdi’s Drive door, at first glance, appears to be an exquisite surface perfectly aligned with the wall.

Wall & Door

Lualdi’s innovative Wall&Door is a door system made up of modular panels and doors.

Filo 55 door

Lualdi’s Filo 55 door features a door frame perfectly flush with the wall for an absolutely seamless look.