14th January 2020


Location: Museo Giacomo Agostini

Project: Giavarini Studio - Architettura e Design

Floor, fais celing, wall paneling and 3D logo: Planium Srl

Photos: Giacomo Albo


Planium Srl has contributed to the realization of this historic place by making three particular structural ideas concrete: the floor, the false ceiling, the boiserie and the word “AGO”, nom de guerre of the most successful rider of all time.

"Motorcycles were born in a workshop and therefore we conceived the contents of the Museum, of mechanics and not, enclosed as if it were in a Cartier box." Thus Giacomo Agostini, who inaugurated his personal Museum in Bergamo in December 2019, explains how the structural idea of this Trophy Hall was designed together with the Giavarini Studio - Architectura e Design.

"Metal" - says Architect Giavarini, "is extremely versatile. As you can see by observing the room, it has been used in numerous ways and covers practically all visible surfaces. ”Stainless Concrete, the Planium finish chosen for the floor, was laid using the MG01 Magnetic system ; this steel is characterized by a particular texture that refers color to the cement, from which it takes its name.

MG01 Magnetic System


The design core of the whole lies in the evocation of an "industrial style", that recalls the motorcycle environment, and therefore with the floor in the same way this process was followed with regard to the choice of the false ceiling, made by Planium with the use of perforated sheet for aesthetic purposes. "The idea", continues architect Giavarini, "was to make a formal and rigorous trophy hall coexist with an environment that recalled the world of racing of the past, similar to a workshop, where interventions on motorcycles were much more direct than today, after the arrival of electronics. "

The walls of the exhibition hall are characterized by the equipped boiseries that cover the entire perimeter of the museum, created always after a drawing by Studio Giavarini in collaboration with Falegnameria F.lli Gotti. The Planium design area was responsible for creating the aesthetic finish and reinforcement brackets, while Falegnameria has created the internal core of the panels. The galvanized steel paneling has been shaped, cut and folded so as to create a sort of "sandwich" with the core and the brackets and then liquid red painted.

Regarding the word “AGO”, placed in the center of the Trophies Hall, it is made up of aluminum letters, cut with bent laser fiber and then liquid painted to obtain a bright red color, which matches the chromatic details of the bikes in the museum and the wall paneling.

Planium for the Agostini Museum

Marco Mignatti

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