Zintek®: zinc-titanium's steel mesh

19 October 2018

The Psenner distillery is a space that combines innovative design and tasting, and the first European project made with zinc-steel mesh titanium by Zintek®. One of the most famous distillery in South Tyrol, and established itself at the international level, Psenner is over 60 years grappa and distillates' synonymous. The company want to communicate its own identity based on transparency and visibility, this inspired the architects Freissinger and Elzmbaumer, who have built the project: the image of manufacturing processes move from inside to outside. The skin envelope comes from the three basic stages of Psenner production - distillation, evaporation and condensation - occurring in copper stills and tubes. These produce tube shapes that characterizes the showroom, and Onyx backlit display changes color creating a different atmospheres. And here the "bubbles" of steam come, as round shapes in the steel's zintek® mesh which is the production's shed covering. The sheet metal, chosen for its texture, was deliberately mounted to reverse, with openings upward to maximise the nighttime lighting, through white light filtered by satin glass, which lit up from within the walls of the building. An effect of great suggestion possible by the workmanship of the slabs and the quality of the workers who have made the work, the Schmidt AS Bolzano. Zintek ®, is therefore ideal for innovative project due to its excellent processability and able to blend perfectly with other materials used, first of all, the total white glass that reduces the difference between internal and external. The Psenner's new headquarters is today a point of reference for the world of wine (it will be promotion site for events and educational and informative activities) as well as industrial design. (Fabiana Cambiaso Università La Sapienza Roma).

Carlo Bardelli