With a strong visual impact, the checkerboard floors give personality to the entire environment.

To renovate, you can choose different materials and Planium has for some time been enriching the offer by proposing metal finishes: it is easy to rediscover the warmth of Bronze, Copper and Brass, to understand the shine of Smooth and Embossed Stainless Steel. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Calamine, Oxidized Steel and that of Stainless Concrete.

If that is still not enough, dare with alternative use of the pose and reversibility effect.

AP01 Lay Floor, SM02 Evolution, PL01 Invisible, MG01 Magnetic - laying a floor that does not have to be glued is the guarantee that it will be transformed again. Going into particular combinations, you can create new combinations of finishes and colors.

A floor becomes two-tone, checkerboard, mosaic, black and white; the vintage of the 20s and 30s will be reinterpreted with urban influences, but it will not be limited to this. It will be a new style, made up of balances, phases, alternation and light/dark.


Copper and calamine chessboard

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