Agave for Luceplan S.p.a

Agave for Luceplan S.p.a

Realized for Luceplan, Agave by Diego Rossi & Raffaele Tedesco, in its 3 versions, is made up by body, socket and ribs molded through thermoplastic injection of transparent methacrylate as pure as crystal. That particular light refraction was achieved thanks to the study and implementation of an automatized processing cycle performed by a Cartesian robot able to make 26 moves synchronized by a PLC electronic unit. For lamps body and socket, that must withstand heat, we chose a polycarbonate. So we set up some automatic islands that – placed at the machine edge – provide for components cooling and shaping. The robot serving the press takes the workpieces to an air-cooled station, then it places them in the core former equipped with water-cooled plates and, finally, it lays them down on the conveyor belt. The final important task is up to the operator that, after examining the production, polishes the edges and prepares the packages for the sale.

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 14:15

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