Concrete Houses,
100 mq

Case Ursella Evolution 100

CLASSIC 100: The overhangs created on both sides of this house immediately reveal the projection towards the future of this model which also manages to maintain the solid starting points of the architectural line; a welcoming space both inside and outside.

DESIGN 100: The house incorporates the characteristics of our construction system that has been consolidated over time and interrupts a facade of the house so as to gradually bring out the internal distributions, creating a double space that can be used both as a parking space and as a patio. The main facade also combines the modern metal porch element with an aesthetic coating that brings to mind the usual character of the fireplace, proof of our company’s continuous dynamic proposal that treasures and enhances the historical and traditional elements of our culture and territory.

EVOLUTION 100: The contrast of colours on the main facade creates an intense perspective effect with the large window of the living area thanks to the careful choice of materials and colours. This dynamism is pursued on all the facades, supporting the volumes with the use of external paints; the wood elegantly blends with the metal of the front pergola, inviting the gaze to discover the peculiarities of this home.

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