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Ursella Case has been active in the construction world since the early twentieth century. During the post-war period the company specialized in the production of prefabricated concrete construction elements.
In the 1950s the company collaborated with well-known architects of the Friuli region in designing buildings such as Il Villaggio del Fanciullo in Trieste or the Lignano Pineta shopping center.
E.M.E. Ursella was founded in 1976 after this first experience in the construction field.
The basic idea was to create pre-fabricated houses using Block-Volume, a system adopted since the second half of the seventies that allows the construction of prefabricated concrete elements almost completely in place.
E.M.E. Ursella pre-fabricated concrete houses are elements that are extremely flexible to the needs of customers that go beyond the concept of a pre-fabricated house by adopting customizable and aesthetically pleasing solutions.
E.M.E. Ursella is organized to produce and control every phase of the building's construction, from the design of the module to the assembly of the concrete components to the installation of the house, followed by an external team that takes care of the finishes.
Building an Ursella house means having a single interlocutor who will take care of all the details even before every single piece is assembled.
Furthermore, the repetitiveness of an industrial process allows you to maintain control of each specific operation.
Building an Ursella house means investing in a prefabricated housing element that will maintain all the characteristics of value and solidity over time.


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