Ventilated walls,
GHS Maxi

Granitech GHS Maxi download BIM

GHS Maxi ventilated facades consist of the following components:

• Thermal spacer in shaped polypropylene, to be positioned between the anchor bracket and the building wall.
• L-section anchor bracket, with longitudinal ridge, equipped with a spring created by bending the bracket itself.
• A4/A2 stainless steel anchor bolts, mechanical type or with chemical anchoring.
• Black painted T-section uprights; the surface of the core features longitudinal ridges for fixing anchor brackets.
• Aluminum or stainless steel rivets for fixing the uprights to the brackets.
• Painted C-section cross pieces with wind bracing, and suitably larger sealed C-section cross pieces.
• Painted aluminum or stainless steel rivets for fixing the cross pieces to the uprights.
• Concealed fixing accessories for tiles (compatible with above cross pieces), complete with gasket, controlled expansion mechanical anchors and truncated-tapered holes on the tiles.
• 10 to 12mm thick porcelain tiles, with a continuous vertical joint or staggered vertical joints (tile thickness must always be checked in advance)

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