Granitech, a prominent brand within the technical department of Iris Ceramica Group, stands out as a global leader in the production and distribution of high-quality ceramic and porcelain products for architectural projects. Founded in 1961 in Sassuolo, this industrial group has achieved an unparalleled reputation in the industry.

For over 20 years, Granitech has been a trusted partner in the construction sector, providing cutting-edge technological solutions for the design and implementation of ventilated porcelain stoneware facades, raised floors, and other innovative solutions. Our main objective is to serve as trusted consultants to architects, offering them a comprehensive personalized service.

Our approach focuses on dry installation of porcelain stoneware, a high-quality material widely used for ventilated facades. Ventilated porcelain stoneware facades offer numerous advantages, including strength, durability, and a wide range of design possibilities. They are an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and public buildings.

Granitech keeps up with the latest technologies and ongoing changes in the architecture industry, recognizing the importance of flexibility over time and the need to adapt to the image of contemporary architecture. Granitech's innovative solutions meet the continuously evolving needs of the sector.

When you choose Granitech, you can rely on a team of highly qualified experts who will support you in every phase of your building cladding project. Specialized technical advice, personalized support, and tailored design solutions are our forte. Our extensive experience in ventilated porcelain stoneware facades guarantees high-quality results and complete satisfaction for clients and designers alike.

Whether you are seeking porcelain stoneware cladding for buildings or looking to develop an innovative ventilated facade, Granitech is the ideal partner for you. Choose quality and architectural excellence with Granitech, and discover how our cladding solutions can transform your projects into architectural masterpieces.


Ventilated facades


Porcelain stoneware ventilated façade with concealed double warp attachment and structural adhesi...

Ventilated facades


Porcelain stoneware ventilated facades with concealed hooking, slab thickness from 8 to 11 mm ...

Ventilated walls

GHS Maxi

Porcelain stoneware ventilated facades with concealed hooking, 10 to 12 mm slab thickness in larg...

Ventilated facades


Porcelain stoneware ventilated facades with visible clips, slab thickness 6-11 mm  

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