RiceHouse is an innovative company that pursues the goal of trying to change the world. The rice for RiceHouse is the resource, the opportunity to create beauty, working with coherence and competence but also with the right dose of bravery, passion and humility, pursuing the third way that allows to get out of commonly accepted schemes.

It is possible to create new materials intended for healthy building through the organization of the rice by-products chain: an ethical and innovative way committed to bringing home back to a living organism. Ricehouse presents itself as a link between the valorisation of the raw material before and its concrete application in the building world. A corporate mission that completes attention to sustainability, developing a circular economy system.

We offer housing structures conceived as natural ecosystems that last over time. Sustainable achievements from an economic, social and environmental point of view.
Our products and our proposals are the result of an evolutionary path, based on the union between tradition and
modernity, through the use of natural materials connected to innovative and certified industrial processes. The main characteristics offered by biocomposites range from high thermal and acoustic insulation to their breathability; of fundamental importance is the ability to regulate the humidity of living spaces.
Healthy, durable, completely recyclable, extremely ecological materials and capable of significantly reducing the quantities of CO2 from the environment.
The goal is to offer a new housing model to an increasingly attentive and aware market: a healthy and efficient alternative to the use of petrochemical materials.

Our team can support our committed user in the selection phase of the materials included in the architectural creation, informing and recommending innovative and sustainable solutions.
“We want to follow a common strategy in compliance with the requirements set by the UN. Let's restart a new responsible and aware architecture, starting with agriculture. An architecture that does not cement, but brings with it the third industrial revolution".


Rice houses

Prefabricated rice perimeter wall

Prefabricated perimeter wall construction system

Rice houses

Rice masonry

Building system for perimeter mansory with rice husk block

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