Concrete Houses,
120 mq

Case Ursella Classic 120

CLASSIC 120: The order of the openings, the harmonious arrangement of the elements of the roof, the warmth of the materials and the comfortable arrangement of the internal spaces are the harmonious peculiarities with which this house transmits the feeling of long-lived solidity.

DESIGN 120: The harmonious effect between the light and dark colours and material give this comfortable villa prestige and elegance. Both the living room and the entire sleeping area grant wholesome spaces that preserve the well-being of the entire family.

EVOLUTION 120: In this model we have designed shades that follow the sophisticated and elegant lines of the house. These are combined with a porch that breaks the visual distribution of the environment thanks to its protrusion, protecting and providing breath to the pergola of the living area also thanks to the colour that anticipates the privacy of the landscape.


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