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Acquario Due was founded in 1986 by Federico Zancanella, after he ruled FAC (Federico Arte Ceramica), from 1981 to 1985. Acquario Due is one of the Italian most qualified manufacturers in the field of artistic ceramic and lava stonetiles. What distinguishes Acquario Due offer and makes it an excellence is the glazed lava stone and its ceramicsfor floors and coverings, focused on the luxury and prestige market. These specific production choices are the result of a 30 years’ experience, still pursued processing theceramic with artistic/artisanal techniques. The rediscovering and the development of the traditional art of Italian ceramic on different surfaces, underthe sign of Acquario Due style, is our mission.Inspired by the colors of the painters, by the Venetian fabrics and by the Palladian architectures, ourcollections and our compositions are the ideal solutions to create original, long-lasting settings.


Important collections through the years:


- 1986 “ADR”  Decoration in reliefBorn thanks to the experience in the realization of tiles for refrigerator aisles, ADR represents a novelty inthe ceramic world of that time, because it offered personalized decorations in relief, positive or negative, indifferent colors.


- 1992 “GLI ARANCI” Maybe the most representative Acquario Due collection of all times: different decorations in differentshapes – 10x10; 5x5; borders and frames; washbasins and colors never presented to the market with anindustrial projects before. It was such a success that nowadays there still are some estimators of that icon.


- 1999 “PROVENZA” It is a collection of Occitan handmade decorations painted on 10x10, in different graphics andcolors.


- 2000 “TOP IN LAVA” The new Millenium brought Acquario Due to use new products such as Etna lava stone. The first attemptwas made on kitchen tops glazed with spray gun/airbrush.


- 2004 “LAVASTONE MOSAICS AND TILES” This year represents a true qualitative leap to the luxury and prestige market: Acquario Due floors,coverings and mosaic finishing starts to be completely realized on lava stone.


- 2006 “SHEETS AND MOSAICS CANALETTO AND GALASSIA SERIES” The constant research for surfaces and colors allowed the Company to realize for the first time sheets60x60, 1 cm thick, all coordinated by a mosaics and console project. Canaletto and Galassia become themost important collections.


- 2012 “CRAK.Lè ”Acquario Due launched on the market a collection that still represents a great success: Crak.lè. Realizedon a very thin white paste with a crystalline thick Craquelé, it reinvents from a modern point of view thetraditional colors and the artisan products. Unbalanced shapes get on well together with decorations,mosaics and very unusual sizes: available in a complete range of colors, Crak.lè satisfies different needs.


- 2014 “EXTRA LARGE LAVASTONE SHEETS AND SHOWER TRAYS” Thanks to the constant Acquario Due commitment on research and development, we managed torealize shower trays and sheets 100x200 in one piece, hand-glazed, to create a “total look” forbathrooms.


- 2015 “WONDER’S PATCH” Wonder’s Patch is the result of a reinvention of old decorations used in past Acquario Due collections: adecorative solution with modern colors, a touch of class in the ambience .


- 2016 “IMPRONTE” From the collaboration with the artist Angelo Rinaldi from Padua, a new way to see the ceramiccovering was born. No more a practical and aesthetical product, but a real work of art used as a cover.Realized on 20x20 and hexagon shapes, the collection presents graphics decorations in relief, firsthandily strained and then glazed with airbrush, according to the requested colors.


A history that turns 30 years old on 2017 and that goes on with Elisa, Martino and Samuele, under thesame desire: the curiosity to pursue the Beauty.


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Galassia is a collection realized on Etna's Lava stone with at least 2.000 years of life, glazed ...

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