Ceramica Bardelli


Founded in 1962, Ceramica Bardelli uses the finest glazes on the market to develop a wide range of tile colours and sizes, creating modular solutions for a versatile range of double-fired tiles.

Ceramica Bardelli is synonymous with ceramic design.

Its interior décor and high-end collections have created a new way of conceiving modern day living.

The brand is recognised worldwide for the value and uniqueness of its manual decorations and its high level of craftsmanship.Marcel Wanders, Tord Boontje, Piero Fornasetti, Robert Dawson, Ruben Toledo, Ronald Van Der Hilst, Nigel Coates and Davide Pizzigoni are just some of the designers who have put their name to the company's unique collections.

Ceramica Bardelli adopts the most suitable techniques to create authentic designer ceramics: from freehand drawings to stencils, and from pouncing to mixed techniques whenever painstaking attention to detail is required.


Ceramic tiles


Fleurs, design by Paradisoterrestre.

Ceramics flooring


Design by Storagemilano

Ceramics flooring


Design by Studiopepe



A harmony of colors and halftones of modern taste, enhanced by the finest Italian tradition. ...



CORRISPONDENZA design by Dimorestudio. 

Ceramics flooring


Collection of ceramic tiles for interior walls.

Ceramics flooring


Interior floor and wall decorated tiles in rectified, glazed white porcelain stoneware.

Ceramics flooring


Floor decoration that is silkscreen printed on porcelain stoneware against a matt background, cm ...

Ceramics flooring


Tiles collection decorated with pure gold silk-screening(content 900 ‰ – gold purity superior to ...

Ceramics flooring


Tiles collection decorated with silk-screening in 6 differentcolour versions. Available on a glos...

Ceramics flooring


Large decorative ceramic panel, entirely hand made in three colour variations on a glossy white b...

Ceramics flooring


Four decorative themes in black and white of various dimensions, created entirely by hand on a gl...

Ceramics flooring


Three decorative themes of various dimensions, created entirely by hand on a glossy background (B...

Ceramics flooring


Series composed of 2 sets of 24 tiles each, entirely hand painted, in 20x20 cm format.Tuli-Pop 1:...

Ceramics flooring


Two series of floral decorations, each composed of 2 sets of 12 entirely hand-painted tiles on a ...

Ceramics flooring


Floral set (20x100 cm) comprising five entirely handmade decorated pieces produced in three colou...

Ceramics flooring


Collection of interior floor and wall tiles in white glazed stoneware with a matt finishing. Fift...

Ceramics flooring


Collection of interior floor and wall tiles in white glazed stoneware with a matt finishing, two ...

Ceramics flooring


Collection of double-fired ceramic wall tiles, a set of five entirely hand-brushed decorated piec...

Ceramics flooring


Decorative wall covering, double-red, fully handmade on glossy background.

Ceramics flooring


Collection of double-fired ceramic tiles with matt finish.

Ceramics flooring

Mary Ann

A series of floral tiles made with transfers applied by hand to a glossy white background (Bianco...

Ceramics flooring

Primavera Colour

Compositional set of 12 pieces with floral decors in platinum (primavera platinum) and colourful ...

Ceramics flooring

Primavera Platinum

Compositional set of 12 pieces with floral decors in platinum (primavera platinum) and colourful ...

Ceramics flooring

Cuban Black

Seven decorative black and white items completelyhand-made on brilliant background (Bianco Extra)...

Ceramics flooring

Cuban Veranda

Seven decorative items completely hand-made onbrilliant background (Bianco Extra) in 20x20 cm. si...

Ceramics flooring


Range composed of 1 set of 8 decorations, madewith hand-applied decalcomania on a matt white base...

Ceramics flooring


Series comprising 2 sets of 25 tiles each that can bepurchased separately. Entirely hand-made wit...

Ceramics flooring


Series comprising 1 set of 25 tiles entirely hand painted with precious pure gold inserts (conten...

Ceramics flooring

Fatine Buffe

Range composed of 1 set of 10 decorations, madewith hand-applied decalcomania on a matt white bas...

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